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I’m an experienced speaker and I’ve spoken on a wide range of topics from food labeling and social media to production practices and sustainability. Thanks to my background, I can build bridges where others can’t. I’d love to help make your event a memorable, entertaining, and informative one!

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inside the ag industry

  • Welcoming F1 Producers: The F1 cross is an intentional choice for many ranchers that results in superior vigor and growth–and cool tiger stripes, depending on the cross! We can carry that idea through to our very own F1s–first-generation producers. How do we welcome, develop, and encourage new producers, and why should we bother?
  • Not Your Average “Share Your Story” Keynote: We’ve heard “share your story!” for years, and while that’s good advice, we need to look beyond social media and really seek to connect and build relationships with people outside agriculture. What do they care about, how do we better connect with them, and how can we be BOLD and make an impact?
  • It Takes More Than a Cup of Ambition: It’s increasingly difficult to find good employees to work on farms and ranches. We blame the job market, the hard work, the remoteness of our operations, the specialized skills. All of that plays a role, but it’s necessary to look inward and ensure that farms and ranches are good places to work. Are you working just as hard to retain good employees as you are finding new ones?

outside the ag industry

  • Cow Burps and Footprints – Beef’s Role in Climate Change: What is the *actual* deal with beef and the environment? Can beef fit into a sustainable food future? I’m here to walk you through it and answer your questions with no, ah, bull you-know-what.
  • Ag 101 – How Food Makes it From the Pasture to Your Plate: This is the quintessential “Where does my food come from?” chat to give you a deeper understanding of how your food makes it from the ranch (or farm!) to your plate.
  • Food Labels WTF: Food labeling is confusing and complicated. Let’s go through it together so you feel empowered, fearless, and knowledgeable at the grocery store.

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